Another full year filled with wonderful growth and excitement has passed and our beautiful center has a reputation as a place with an open door and an open heart to every Jew. More and more families call Chabad of Oceanside their spiritual home. Our friendly warm atmosphere attracts even more families.

In response to the numerous requests to formally join as members here is your opportunity to join the many other people in our community and become a member of Chabad of Oceanside's family.

While voluntary contributions offset some expenses, it is committed members that will make us survive and thrive. Every Jew is always very welcome at Chabad. And by joining through membership we will be even stronger as a community and as a family.

In fact —it’s because our doors are open to everyone that we hope you’ll join us as members. Your commitment makes this possible for all.

Please click here for our online membership form.   For our online donation form, click here.

Questions?  Call 516-764-7385.