We find ourselves in unprecedented times, and many of us our panic stricken, but we must remember that this is a time that we must come together as a community and be there for each other.

We must make sure that our neighbors, specifically those that are vulnerable have people to rely on. Please let us know if you need help in any way and we will assist you. We have volunteers that will shop for the elderly or anyone that needs assistance. If you know of anyone that we could assist with anything please reach out. By coming together and helping each other we will get through these tough times.

 If you'd like to help out by placing a donation to assist all those in need, please click here. 

Rabbi Levi Gurkov-516.428.6017

Rabbi Zev Baumgarten-631.346.2928

May G‑d watch over everyone,

Rabbi Levi & Soshie Gurkov